In my opinion, an amazing afternoon tea is a vital cog in the massive and exciting wheel of London life. Theatre is certainly another one. And when you bring the two together? Well, that's a masterpiece.

If you want to try a masterpiece look no further than OXO Tower Brasserie and their newly launched Theatre Not Afternoon Tea. Inspired by London’s iconic auditoriums and the famous productions that have taken place within them it will give you not only the taste for high tea but also a taste for the rich history of London's Theatrical heritage.  Let cake help you journey through neighbouring theatres including the Shakespeare’s Globe, the Old Vic and the National Theatre.

You can book the tea from today at the OXO Tower Brasserie for £38 per person or £18 for children.

So what's included?

The first act will begin at the Globe with a sour cherry and bergamot-filled white chocolate skull, paired with a goblet of Hamlet’s poison. For the main act, OXO has cast a quartet of stunning cakes, each representing a famous show; Wicked, Phantom of the Opera, The Lion King and Matilda, paired with an ensemble of matching bespoke cocktails.

To round off the theatrical experience you'll have a homemade gingerbread biscuit, served with a pot of tea and those hoping for an encore will get a box of treats to take home.

OXO Tower Brasserie’s Theatre Not Afternoon Tea will be available from Wednesday 4 April, Monday to Friday 3pm-5pm and Saturday to Sunday 2pm-4.30pm.