Heard of the Kray Twins?
How about the Elephant Man?
Maybe the Asylum and a different kind of Jack altogether?


Mr Ripper and his macabre compadres are an East End institution, all playing a starring role in the rich history of this corner of London and now providing the inspiration for a brand new performance festival set in the heart of Whitechapel itself.

We at Who's Jack are definitely fans of the unusual and this up and coming performance event is right up our (Ripper) street. Leaving tired ghost walks and pub stops behind, One of Us is set to breathe new life into old tales and unite artists and performers in a brand new and totally immersive experience. From listening to the guilty conscience of London’s most notorious killer to the contemplation of human relations and a distorted look at mass murder and hanging, there is something to satisfy the sinister and the psychological as the audience will be led from room to room in a Georgian townhouse through different eras and a whole host of morbid fantasies.

Fancy making it a night to remember? Come down half an hour prior to the theatrics and enjoy a drink in a Victorian themed salon before being treated to a grisly take on everyone’s  favourite sitcom as our televised ‘friends’ are seen in a whole new light.

There will be 3 performances over both Saturday 9th March and Sunday 10th March, with slots running between: 6-7pm, 7:30-8:30pm and 9-10pm. Tickets are available in advance and on the door subject to availability, so get yours now to avoid disappointment. We’ve already got ours so we’ll see you down there for a quick bevy before the nightmare begins.

For more info on what to expect, check out the official Facebook and follow the One of Us twitter for updates.