BurgerfestIf you like burgers (and who doesn't), your day might just be made. 😁
After tasting and strictly scoring 75 of our reader's favourite burger submissions in the space of four gruelling (but great) weeks, Twenty Something London's Top 10 Burgers in London list is live and tickets for Burger Fest 2015 are on sale.
Building on the success of last year's event which sold out in a matter of days, Burger Fest 2015 brings six of the top 10 on the list (which received quite a shake-up from last year) under one roof for a full day of burger mania at The Paperworks on June 27th. We've split the event into two 'sittings' - lunch and dinnertime - to alleviate queues and extend digestion time.
£35 tickets include five sliders, an alcoholic Lickalix popsicle and epic outdoor summertime vibes to wash it all down. The first 100 people through the door at each session - lunchtime is from 12:00 to 17:30 and dinnertime from 18:00 to 23:30 - get a free Red Stripe beer.


And if you are itching to know how your favourite burgers scored or make sure you're not missing out on some prime burger action - here is the hotlist -

1st place: The Veni Moo, Wild Game Co.

2nd place: The Bacon Cheeseburger, Bleecker St.

3rd place: The Angry Grizzly, Stokey Bears

4th place: The Smokey Bandit, Hotbox

5th place: The Buffalo Bill, Street Kitchen

6th place: The Honest, Honest Burgers

7th place: The Green Chilli Cheese Burger, Dip n Flip

8th place: The El Chappo, Lucky Chip

9th place: The Boom Burger, Boom Burger

10th place: The Juice Bastard, Burger Craft