Toy Story Small Fry Image

As you might know by now the clever Toy Story makers have been hard at work recently making a new Toy Story short film, Small Fry, to sit snuggly just before cinema screenings of The Muppets. While we have to wait until February next year to see either of them a new picture as appeared online.

Small Fry will contain all the normal antics we've come to expect from our talking toy friends and this time Buzz Lightyear is the one in trouble when he is left behind at a fast food restaurant after a kids meal version of him is taken by accident. Trapped in the restaurant with no idea how to get back to Woody and co Buzz Lightyear finds himself in a support group of other toys that have been left behind. Genius.

The lucky people over in the US will get to see both Small Fry and The Muppets from today but for whatever reason we have to wait until next year so until then check out the new image above. For more information and images head to the official Toy Story Facebook page.