Squatters-on mare streetA grade 2 listen building in Hackney has become home to 10 squatters who have moved into the location saying that they are doing the house up from inside.

The 300 year old mansion on 195 Mare Street has had a sign put up outside that says  “We are very willing to negotiate an arrangement for our mutual benefit."

The Evening Standard reported that residents were voicing concerns and frustrations over the new squatters:

Film maker Dave Aspinall, 34, said: “I’m paying £1,900 a month for a one-bed flat so it’s annoying and unfair when you see others living for free.”

Michelle Watkins, 36, who runs a pop-up shop, added: “We all work really hard. It’s not right - this is a prime location. The rent for my three-bed flat which I share is £2,400 a month.”

In fact most of the local residents quotes aren't too favourable.

As the building is owned by a developer it is technically a non-residential property therefore it's not illegal to squat in. Residential squatting became illegal in September though there was a motion passed to apply this law to non-residential properties also.

One of the squatters, Matt, 23 from SW London stated that they will be using the building to help the community and protest against the squatting laws.

Seeing as it's not technically illegal and everyone is a bit hard up for cash at the moment we would suggest anyone needing a place to go and stay in the area or unable to afford their rent to rock up here - plenty of room for all and many bedrooms! If they supposedly have the rights then so do you!

The squatters have said that they want to include in the property, a free vegetarian kitchen, citizen's advice service and hold workshops on financial literacy.....

You can make your own assumptions on those facts, baring in mind these services are offered for free in the area by professionals already, so we just hope that they have the money to properly fit out a kitchen and employ professionals to give advice rather than people who are unqualified and clearly aren't quite versed in financial literacy themselves.

Financial literacy :  the ability to understand how money works in the world