Eloise Smyth is about to become a household name. She plays Jodie in Plan B's much hyped, upcoming directorial debut Ill Manors. To be released in cinemas nationwide in May 2012, Plan B's film is a tale about gritty London life.


The musician (real name Ben Drew), has already hand picked Eloise as a special mention, whenever he speaks about the film. We predict big things for this little lady, who at the fresh age of just 17 years old,  is due to appear in two feature films already. (The other being Love Bite, which is also to be released this year.) Watch out for this face on our screens a lot in the future. Eloise has passion and drive; she wants to be big and we've no doubt she's going to be.

Check out Plan B's first release from the Ill Manors album, which will accompany the film. A dramatic infusion of strings and attitude. Click HERE.