Bird and Ballard coffee shop old streetBird & Ballard has opened up where the Foundry used to be. It's about time something was done with this prime site right on the corner where Great Eastern Street and Old Street meet.

This new coffee house is a great addition to the area and a great step up from the smelly, slightly strange bar that was there for so many years before. As an aside did anyone ever drink there? We went in once and were given a warm vodka and lemonade is a yellowed glass...

Now though, we can get wonderful coffee there courtesy of Bird & Ballard who have been making the place spick and span and ready for your custom for the past few months.

The place was originally a bank and Bird and Ballard have recovered some of its old features in the restoration of the space.

More info soon.

Bird & Ballard 84-86 Great Eastern Street

image : Bird & Ballard