This weekend in London thousands of brave people will be taking to the streets on bikes, naked, for the annual Naked Bike Ride.

It’s happening on Saturday in London and Sunday in Brighton and also in around 70 other countries across the world.

But there are certain rules to adhere to if you feel like getting involved – mainly do not strip off before the race starts or you may risk getting in trouble with the police.

As riding a bike totally starkers isn’t the most comfortable thing in the world, you can opt to keep clothes on as the dress code is ‘dress as bare as you dare’.

So why are so many people taking part? It’s part of a protest about the world’s oil dependency and the way the car dominates our lives and also a celebration of the brilliance of the human body.

There are five start points for the ride: three north of the river (Marble Arch, Regent’s Park, and King’s Cross), and two in south London (Clapham Junction and West Norwood).

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