We think about what we eat and drink. We want what we clean ourselves with and what we clean our homes with to be sustainable and eco-friendly. We even care about what we put in our bins but ladies...  Have you put much thought into what you put in yourself every month?

Did you know that many leading brands of Tampons often contain chemicals, fragrances, dyes, rayon,
polyester, polyethylene, polyproprylene, chlorine and pesticides? And did you also know that it's not a legal requirement for these ingredients to be stated on the box?

Now, this isn't another promotion for Mooncup - although very eco and body friendly I don't feel I could quite get on board with that. No. I want to introduce you to Freda.

Freda launched in January and is a great new option for modern, health- and socially-conscious women. Made in eco-
certified factories in Scandinavia and Central Europe with over 70 years of expertise, Freda tampons are made from 100% naturally-absorbent, breathable, hypoallergenic organic cotton for enhanced protection and comfort - and are free from the chemicals and synthetic fibres found elsewhere, making them kinder to you and the environment.

You can even get an online subscription so no big panic searching in the bottom of every handbag when you're taken by surprise! It has a period tracker that syncs the delivery of your products to your cycle. How modern is that?! Also, it's only £6.99 a month! Surely your inner body health is worth that? I think so.

Now Freda has joined Fashion Revolution, the global movement advocating greater transparency, sustainability and ethics- which has attracted more than 1,000 brands and retailers such as ASOS, Burberry and Nike - to bring greater transparency to the femcare sector and transform the way period products are sourced, produced and purchased.

Freda is on a mission to break down period taboos, which have contributed in part to the opaque nature of the industry, by discussing the topic openly. The company has been created for women by women - and they give back to women as a portion of every Freda purchase is donated to initiatives worldwide tackling period poverty.