Damien Hirst Live feedIn more Damien Hirst news the artist's live feed, featured on his website is currently showing his next pieces being made.

Funnily enough looking pretty similar to what's probably going on next to his artwork in Burger King a Hirst employee is beginning to make his pieces out of diamonds.

Wether you think it's a con that Hirst gets most of his work made by other people or wether you think it is the concept that's the important part you can't knock the block for not being honest about how his work comes together.

So - if you are bored at work watch this girl and imagine how board she must be putting things in boxes (as far as we can tell that is what she's doing).

The last piece of art made on live feed for Damien Hirst and by other people is up as a time lapse video also here, it's called The Fabrication of Monochromatic Sectors from Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Colour Ring With Dark Centre.

Yeah, it's a circular colour chart.