We feel we are moving into a time where long socks on men (this Blink 182) are about to return. When we say long socks we mean up to mid calf. We are confident that in the transition days of our nice summer through to winter these socks will begin to appear and certainly after winter through to summer.

With a birth in the 80's into skate fashion the 'tube sock' as they are known spread to band members, skate boarders and girls throughout the 80s and into the early 90s. Now we are seeing a small and bubbling return. Tyler the Creator is someone that's helped the return along with a handful of designers that have taken 80s skater fashion to their hearts this season.

Now however you do't pair your tube socks with a tight T-shirt or overly baggy shorts - or indeed short running shorts. They are going under knee length, more reserved mens shorts as well as roll up trousers.

They'll be on the catwalks this Mens season for sure and we suggest you get in there early. The great thing is that they are one of those 80's items that Rokit and Beyond Retro haven't bought up yet - you can still find them on Ebay for a few quid.