It’s just my humble opinion. We’re all to blame really, comfy clothing often wins the day and is becoming more and more acceptable to slouch about in ‘loungewear’ and what might have once been the preserve of your bedroom or the gym.

But shirts, on men are good. Much like heels on women look good - no one can dispute it. And if you’re having trouble mustering up the ‘give a sh*t’ to get a shirt on your back pick just a few special occasions, maybe a dinner and a birthday? And make the commitment to dress up a little.

Jacamo have a great selection of shirts at the moment, they also offer two lengths with a longer option for gentlemen of the taller variety.

If it’s a date you’re thinking of as a ‘special occasion’ then yes, please do wear a shirt!  It shows you’re made an effort and will no doubt make an impression over and above the trusty lucky T.