Last week we took a trip to newly opened MASH (Modern American Steak House) in Soho. Not knowing quite what to expect from an American Steak House that was infact Danish we took a trip down to be greeted by sumptuous red carpet and a very posh entrance.

Thankfully, once you get inside MASH the interior, although impressive and sumptuous, doesn’t leave you feeling like you should have made more of an effort. It’s comfortable and grand at the same time with red leather booths and talking points that include huge cuts of meat hanging in visible fringes and wine collections on show and stocked up to the ceilings.

The steak leaves you with different cuts from different regions including of course American and Argentinian options. Here you are encouraged to share your steaks. With this in mind your orders are cut at the table in front of you and served in the same pan so you can pick your way through the different options. There really is a difference in taste, a very strong one in fact, depending on where the steak has come from.

Your waiter or waitress will be only too happy to take you to the big fridges and show you cuts and meat so you have a good idea of what you are ordering.

The service is perfect as is the bread, wine and Brooklyn beer on offer.

We had sides of Mac and Cheese and Bone Marrow which were both great accompaniments to the main meaty feast we had in front of us, we could have done with a little more Mac and Cheese though, that stuff was good.

This is a restaurant great for any occasion really meetings, friend gatherings, couples and special events (there is private dinging offered at the back).

Image: Londonist


77 Brewer Street

0207 734 2608