burgers-at-blacks_beastIt's a shame really that we are tempted with such amazing looking food from Adam Richman on Man Vs Food and then we look out the window and realise we are not situated on a sun soaked side walk a hop skip and a jump away some of the most amazing melted cheese, piled ice cream and general meat that the USA have to offer.

No, we are in the UK, where servings are more moderate along with the sunshine and you have to do a decent bit of digging to find anywhere that does a similar kind of food to what you are watching whilst salivating in front of your TV screen.

There are some options in London thought for a Man Vs Food type eating experience and we have rounded them up for you like the great little London lifestyle helpers that we are.

Goodman, to be found in Mayfair, City and Canary Warf

Goodman's offer tours of their kitchens at Maddox Street to show you their ageing meat, their city restaurant though has a glass walled dry ageing room, unique to London set out for all diners to see.

Goodman will do you a steak as big as you like so you can create your own level of competition so long as you give them 48hrs notice. This does mean that you'll have to decide on your own prize though as well as who is footing the bill.


How could the Hawksmoor not be mentioned. Hawksmoor will also create you a steak to your own weight specifications though they always have 600g-1.2kg options on the board.

Clearly no large steak would be cheap so bring a full wallet. At their newly opened Guildhall restaurant they offer a couple of large dishes that also need 48 hours notice, not for the faint of heart including; Mixed Grill (for 3-4 though this would surely be one to attempt to master on your own whilst someone films you on their phone and pretends you are Richman) which features Beef, Bacon, Veal & Mutton Chops; Veal Liver & Kidneys; Hawksmoor Sausages; Bone Marrow; Tomatoes, Mushrooms & Onions; Gentleman’s Relish; Beef Dripping Chips, Tongue To Tail Beef Tasting Menu for 8 which is a seven course meat extravaganza.

Rodizio Rico, Upper Street, Westbourne Grove, Greenwich

With the tagline 'no craving is to large' this is going to be the right sort of place to find Man Vs Food size portions. A Brazilian ‘churrascaria de rodizio’, Rodizio Rico has experienced passadors (meat carvers) who come to your table and slicing different cuts of meat onto your plate from skewers until you turn over a card to show you've had enough, until you have done that they keep on coming.

Fat Boys Cafe, 306 Thornton Road Croydon

Fat Boys Cafe serves the Blowout Breakfast, thought up by cafe owner, Farouk Hassanein. In the breakfast is a whole packet of bacon, two jumbo sausages, two eggs, a tine of beans, mushrooms and tomatoes and to top it all off, a fried slice.

A 100 customers a week try to get through the breakfast and very few succeed, however if you do you get it free.

Rays Pizza, Basement of : Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes, Tavistock Hotel, Bedford Way

Rays Pizza, hidden away in Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes offers a 26" pizza. It has a thin crust and is full of lovely toppings making it quite a pleasure to consume rather than a chore.

Big Easy, Kings Road, Chelsea

The Big Easy offers a 2lb Lobster to get you started on your mammouth eat-er-thon. Every Monday they have a Big Pig Gig which is all you can eat BBQ and a free beer from Noon till close at £14.95 per person.

On Wednesday's it's all you can eat fajitas for the same price and of course there is always their surf and turf, the biggest of which includes Half a slab of our smoked baby back Bar-B-Q Ribs, quarter Bar-B-Q Chicken, 3 butterflied fire-roasted jumbo shrimp & creamy coleslaw. (All white meat option available).

Burgers at Blacks in South London

Home to Britain's Biggest burger coming in at 18,000 calories and £40.  The burger comes complete with a whole pound of chips and includes seven pounds of beef, nine rashers of bacon and nine slices of cheese into a 12-inch bun.

The burger was created by Vas Herodotou, owner of the Purley restaurant. Blacks need 24 hours notice for anyone that wants to try to tackle this burger beast. If you finish it all within the hour you get it for free along with a T-shirt.

Image: Burgers At Blacks