London is a big city with so many people yet it's still easy to feel lonely. Many places don't have as much of a 'community' vibe as you may like and with so many people renting and move around the place it can be tough to put down roots and make new friends.

I've certainly noticed it in our last move. My husband and I are trying desperately to make 'local' friends in our new spot but it's tough. Do you just strike up a conversation with someone? Will they think you're a weirdo? Are they actually a weirdo?

Luckily, as with most things in life there seems to be an app for this. Pal, is a new app catered to helping you make friends and meet people, so far so good. It can also match up with people that have similar interests - that's me sorted for doggie day dates nearby then!

And so you avoid the awks Pal sets you up with your new friends based on activities. For example, like-minded people who want to fulfill their New Year‘s resolutions in the gym or mums that want local meet ups.

On a Home Feed you can see who has planned which activities in your area and if you'd like to join you just click a button.

In a world where online friends are ten to the dozen sometimes, you need an actual human face opposite yours - Pal helps make this happen.

Also,  chatting is only possible with friends or amongst participants of an activity so you can worry less about the randoms and wierdos out there.

Find Pal on Google Play and at the Apple Store