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We are wonderfully lucky in London to have a huge range of foods at our fingertips but one of our favourite imports and specialities is cured meats. There are a number of great placed to find amazing cured meat offerings in London but we are listing our top 5. Happy eating!

Ginger Pig

You'll find them around London and online. They have a good selection and all the meat is great quality. Their stock rotates seasonally so there's always something different.


Found in both Borough and Brixton, here you can buy a whole Iberico ham if you should so wish it, they also host a carving school so that you'll be able to cut it once you get it home. You will find hand carved Serrano ham here too as well as artisan Spanish Cheeses, cooking Chorizo as well as cured, all sorts of oils, Spanish almonds and more.


Your first option in Soho, established in 1944 they have a great heritage in the area. They have a large range of imported Italian meats, you can pick up some freshly made pasta while you're there too. Expect to find Parma ham, mortadella, bresaola – as well as some interesting lesser known varieties, such as ‘nduja, a spicy, soft salame from Calabria.


Your second option in Soho. A small and tightly packed shop where meat will be sliced for you to take home. Camisa has been in Soho since the 60s and has a loyal following.


Moen's in Clapham is great if you want to push the boat out as the prices are a bit steep but the meat is great. Their Pata Negra is pretty famous. If you can afford to go it's a real treat - even the shop itself is a joy to visit with it's dark navy outside and beckoning warmly lit interior.