how to avoid expensive beer

Prices of beer may have just been brought down by 1p in the budget but that doesn't mean we're going to see too much of a change any time soon.

In the mean time we want to help you keep as much cash in your pockets as possible and have put together a little 7 step guide you can live by if you want to avoid if you don't want to pay an arm and a leg for your beer.

1. Don't buy beer in concert venues. These include Shepherds Bush Empire, KoKo, Roundhouse, O2, Ally Pally. These guys have you as sitting ducks, you can't bring your own drink in, you get frisked at the door so you HAVE to buy beer from them giving them an oh so handy price monopoly - you can be looking at paying up to £6.00 for a beer here. We suggest having drinks before and abstaining till after.

2. Avoid swanky craft beers. Ok so they are cool and everyone wants to be a craft beer connoisseur at the moment but they are expensive! If you don't want to give up your craft beer love totally just avoid the imported ones, Evil Twin Evil More Jesus, a beer imported from Brooklyn as been known to be priced at £18.

3. Avoid specialist bars when you want to make a night out of it. Brewdog for example - now we are fans but spending a night here drinking the good stuff is an expensive affair. They make all their own beer and you are sure to find something novel and that you love but you'll have to pay for the privilege and you may not notice it. For example, a 1/3 pint of Tokyo (18.2%) is £4.75, making it £14.25 a pint.

4. Clubs - just don't bother in general really. Drink beforehand or try taking some drink with you (we never said that). For some reason being a club that you already pay to get into seems to bring with it an unwritten rule that they can then charge whatever they like for beer. Your best best in a club is generally wine for price.

5. Don't drink in hotel bars. Hotels are for the people staying there- spending a lot of money on rooms and probably charging their drinks bill to the company. Don't make the mistake of deciding to go and drink beer in a hotel. The drinks will be small and over priced.

6. Get to the supermarket! Ok so we know there are tons of bottle shops that offer all these exciting beers but they are expensive! Sainsburies for example have a pretty good beer selection now-a-days and they will be cheaper.

7. Simply make your own. It's almost warm enough to sit in parks and that means you can provide whatever beverage you want for yourself within that green space - hurrah. So get yourself a beer brewing kit and by the time the weather warms up you will be the smug person with the stash of their own 'special' brew.