We all know that London is an amazing place for food - with new openings of bars and restaurants every week it's no wonder why standards are high.

The only issue however is the price - if we wanted to try all these new restaurants our bank balances just couldn't take it and they don't seem to be getting any cheaper with Camden's latest opening charging £14.50 for a burger.

So here are our top 5 suggestions for great grub that's under a tenner and we've not included any burgers as in our opinion a burger should never be over a tenner - that's just wrong.

1. Bone Daddies - order the T22 (£9), lovely soy ramen from this hot soho eatery with, chicken, cock scratchings
(chicken bone broth).

31 Peter St, London W1F 0AR

2. All those street places - you know where we mean - Street Feast, Kerb, Hawker House - here you will find numerous dishes under a tenner - some of which will be more expensive in their solid brick and mortar establishments. You just have to brave the weather...

3 Clockjack Oven - Grab four pieces of beautifully cooked rotisserie chicken for just £8.95 with a choice of sauce. Or grab some BBQ wings and chips for a bargain £8.20.

14 Denman St, London W1D 7HJ

4 Chicken Schnitzel at the Blue Legume  is a filling main for £9.95, fried chicken fillet with panko bread crumbs, salad and chips.

101 Stoke Newington Church St, London N16 0UD

5 Pizza from Icco on Goodge Street - you can grab a pizza here starting at £3 and going up to about £8 - maybe this called for an under a fiver food list!

46 Goodge Street, London, W1T 4LU