Do you collect something? Would you call yourself a collectaholic?
So often these days we tend to over prune our 'stuff' - with relatively small living spacesthat come with living in London there's not too much space to keep things anyway. Copy of SAFESTORE_THREE QUARTER SHOTS_0013But often there are the small and large collections that are far too dear to our heart not to keep. And these things should be kept - whether you have space or not - as they bring you joy, or memories, or provide you with something calming to do maybe. A collection of cameras, books, or radios much like Gerry Wells has can be a massively for-filling pastime that shouldn't be confused with hobbies that are just for those who are past it!
Safestore is making a stand for the weird and wonderful ‘stuff’ we collect and have delved into the collections of three collectaholics. Maybe if you fancy starting a collection of something these videos could give you some inspiration!Copy of SAFESTORE_THREE QUARTER SHOTS_0003

The second in the series of videos which you can see above explores Gerry Wells’ collection of vintage wireless radios. Wells was a self-confessed obsessive who fell in love with radios when he started fixing them in his garden shed as a young boy. He built his collection into a museum worthy curation which you can visit by appointment in London.

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