IMG_2129 Kopie copyWe've all got just a little more into our health over the last few years haven't we? Ok, a lot more. And those of you following this healthy trend will know that this week is London Health Week!

There's a fair old amount of stuff happening to get you in tip top bodily condition and this is just one of them - a pop up giving you the chance to drink Birch tree sap.

Sibberi is a new natural food brand that’s shaking up the alternative water scene with their natural, unsweetened Birch water. Containing only pure birch sap, collected drop by drop fresh from mature silver birch trees each April; Sibberi is popping up at Old Street station every day from 8am to 7pm from now until the 26th April.  Visitors will be able to see first hand how the birch sap is tapped from the trees (log stroking ensues), they’ll be able to try the refreshing tonic whilst chatting to the founders.

With London Health Week also running from the 20th – 26th April, Sibberi has partnered with the festival to offer anyone with a wristband 50% off Sibberi when they come down and visit! East London’s finest will be the supporting acts: Mae & Harvey will be on hand creating beautiful cold pressed juices packed with refreshing Sibberi and Yeast Bakery will be providing Kouign-Amann - ravishing little Breton cakes - for those who might find the detox-station all a bit virtuous. 

We’ve all seen how massive coconut water has become in the last couple of years, but now maple water and even cactus and artichoke waters are piquing interest, not only because they’re an interesting alternative to water but also as they’re seeing endorsements from health professionals, top athletes and models.

Birch water has long been favoured across Nordic folk cultures as a spring tonic to rejuvenate the body and soul after a long, harsh winter. It tastes a little sweet – from naturally occurring xylitol – and beautifully crisp, with a delightful aftertaste of the forest. A rare and prized ingredient, birch sap can only be harvested during the first two weeks of April, when the nutrients stored in the roots travel through the thawing tree to swell the buds to bloom.

A longstanding Scandi beauty secret, birch water has an ever-expanding list of health and beauty benefits. Sibberi is naturally diuretic making it a powerful cleansing and cellulite reduction aid. It contains a mere 5 calories per 100ml (four times less than coconut water) and has a rich nutritional profile, boasting high levels of electrolytespotassium as well as vitamins B and C.  Moreover, Sibberi contains naturally occurring Xylitol, Saponin and Betuloside, which are proven to help strengthen teeth, lower cholesterol and detoxify the body.

Launched into As Nature Intended, Partridges, Amazon and a raft of independent food stores across London and the South East, Sibberi retails at £3.29 per 300ml bottle but will be reduced to £3.00 for the pop up