We've all taken a cab at one time or another, some more than most, some just on special occasions but there is one thing almost everyone will agree on and that is the characters you find driving the cabs in London.

The drivers most likely feel that we are the characters, all sorts of people jumping in the back of their cars all day long for all sorts of different reasons.

We feel that our London cabs and cabbies are a real jewel in London's crown and so when we came across this London Cabbie photographic project we had to share it with you.

In time for the Olympics, photographer, Victoria Hannan looks at the lives of London's cabbies showcasing her findings through a photographic diary, brought to you by Hailo the London taxi app.

At a time when cabs are probably about to be used a hell of a lot more than usual in the  capital, Victoria showcases the true London experts and the iconic profession that represents all things British. These unsung heroes share their unique insights and experiences dealing with Londoners on a daily basis.

GArry London cabbie photography project

Gary’s had his badge for 22 years but he’s been too tired to work as much as usual. Something he blames on Bella, his family’s new labrador puppy.

mark london cabbie project

In his 20s, Mark got fed up of working in accounts at BT. So he got up at four in the morning, every day for three years so he could do The Knowledge before work. Twenty-four years later, he still thinks it was the best decision he’s ever made.

London cabbie project

Adrian’s been driving for 12 years. He lives in Wimbledon and mostly works in the suburbs. He loves picking up tourists and makes his Cockney accent as strong as he can, just to make them happy.