Despite being a nation of food lovers, it seems that us Londoners are suffering from Repetitive Restaurant Disorder when it comes to dining out, with a huge 98 per cent of us likely to regularly return to the same restaurant time and time again even though we have more restaurants opening up each week than our stomaches can keep up with!

Whilst in the midst of a restaurant boom that’s seen more than 147 eateries open their doors in the capital last year[1], a recent survey commissioned by same-day restaurant reservation app Uncover, reveals that 19 per cent of us have as little as two restaurants in our repertoire and a staggering half a million of us eat at the same restaurant every time we go out.

It seems this reluctance has been born from the challenges diners face when trying to book a table at a new eatery, with 64 per cent of restaurant goers saying the reason they stick to their favourite is because they always get a table, or are worried that they will have to wait if they go elsewhere. Most tellingly perhaps, more than 150,000 of us stick to the same restaurant simply because we fancy the sexy waiting staff.

It appears women like to spice things as they’re less likely than men to visit the same restaurant when they dine out, while men are twice as likely to eat out more than three times a week when compared to their female counterparts.

Christopher Steinau, Founder at Uncover said, “It’s easy to understand why so many people visit the same restaurant every time they eat out, there’s just so much on offer it can sometimes be overwhelming. If people want to discover the latest restaurant or find out what else is out there, they need to make a concerted effort to be spontaneous and explore new things.”

David Saenz, Founder at Uncover added, “At the same time there are so many amazing restaurants in London with new additions almost every day. It’s a pity to miss out on them and always stick to the same. Uncover is a tool that not only helps users make same day reservations at London’s top restaurants, but also helps people find new and exciting places to eat out. We curate a shortlist of only the best restaurants in the local area, meaning the app works as a discovery platform as well as a booking tool, helping people find new and exciting restaurants to explore.”

Uncover is a new app that allows restaurant goers to discover and book London’s hottest restaurants at the last minute, from Michelin starred eateries like Umu, Yauatcha, Kitchen Table and le Gavroche to the latest trendy hangouts such as Coya, Le Chalet, Ramusake, Hutong and Lyle’s or hidden neighbourhood gems like Opso, In Parma and the Green Room.

Uncover is now available for iPhone on the App store. The Android version is in development and will be released early 2015

About Uncover

Uncover is a new free app that provides London restaurant goers with a seamless solution to discover and book some of London’s best restaurants at the last minute by taking the stress and pain out of the booking process.

The app curates short lists of top restaurants based on user location, preferences, selected discovery themes, and only shows restaurants that have tables available on the same day. With Michelin starred restaurants, trendy eateries and neighbourhood favourites on its roster, Uncover has more than 150 restaurant partners to date with more being added every day.