Lexus has introduced the new Lexus RX with a cool concept video featuring Jude Law. Filmed in 360º video using 80 GoPro cameras you can direct the view as you wish during this 6 minute immersive theatre experience.

Guests were told they would turn up to see the new Lexus and instead they got thrown into a feature film experience where they were the stars and Jude Law guided them along the way. The unique-ness of the film reflects the unique qualities of the new Lexus RX which has a sculpted body, 20-inch customisable wheels and razor sharp design. 


The unsuspecting guests are congratulated on their stellar performances, given the Lexus to drive to their very own red carpet ceremony and then watch the swiftly edited film played back to them at their private ‘screening’. During the test drive of the car the London audience members encounter a multi-sensory world of luxury, excitement and thrills - the factors that the new Lexus effortlessly embodies. The new Lexus RX is perfect for those who understand the importance of making an impression; successfully encapsulating contemporary luxury lifestyle. We are loving the new shape and sleek design, it’s a great city car for swooping around London streets and looking pretty slick whilst doing so. A perfect car for city life, keeping things at an aspirational level but still affordable, just the space the WJ London and it’s readers like to occupy!