This weekend we shunned the pub convention and headed to West London with a glass of white wine on our mind, and a desired performance by none other than Etta Bond. Walking into Paradise, the atmosphere was already quasi-magical - that venue is a dream.

For those reading about Etta for the first time, where have you been? For those familiar (and learning), she has collaborated with numerous awesome musicians, as well as being mates with the likes of Bonkaz, Labyrinth, Raf Riley and Delilah.

With her current single "Seen and Never Heard" doing the rounds, Etta was hot property that evening - with a packed room waiting for her 10:30pm stage time, which soon dissolved into an 11:15pm start. Proving her prowess as one of the most exciting female artists of the moment, we marvelled at just how realist this girl was. She is a true woman, a proud woman, and an impeccable role model. The lyrics to "Seen and Never Heard" showcase this perfectly, as does her abundance of approachable confidence, never breaching on arrogance - purely welcoming and likeable.

Singing her way through her self-made set-list, which was folded out neatly onto the floor during her first vocal, Etta took us on a musical journey with songs both old and new - even bringing fellow singer and friend Delilah up on stage for a truly awe-sinpiring and stunning, sexually charged performance. Both girls looking truly beautiful with their striking shaved-heads.

Ending her set with a blast from the past, we saw Etta jumping onto the speakers, and moshing with the crowd to "Boring Bitches" - her collaborate effort back in 2013 with Raf Riley, a producer you should all know. The song is humorous lyrically, yet still packs a punch in terms of resounding meaning.

The performance was exceptional, and the evening didn't end there, with an exceptional set from Who's Jack favourites All About She, too.


10/10 Etta. We adore you.