We arrived at Camden Assembly at 12:30pm - ready for the apparent 1:30am set time from Cas. We waited downstairs and checked out the venue; once known as the legendary Barfly, we were a little skeptical as to what could have been done to improve such an iconic venue. The downstairs bar area is spacious, atmospheric and buzzing - people there treating it like an actual pub - alway a good sign. After a drink we wandered upstairs, and were pleasantly surprised to find an impressive sound system playing out some serious tunes. Even without Cas on stage, a moshpit had developed - and a plethora of young punters pushing each other around to the beat.

Cas arrived on stage at 2am - chaperoned by security along the side of the room out of his dressing room, and accompanied by an excess of around 20 people. The energy was immediately electric - every single tune popped off, the crowd went insane and Cas wore the most terrifying mask yet. It was as though his skin had been peeled off to reveal the muscle below - perfect for halloween.

With his crew members hollering every word and the crowd mimicking them back - it was a truly incredible 10/10 performance and one that left us wanting to experience it all over again. Highlights included "What's My Name", "Walkin'", "6pm", and of course the latest offering "Before This".

Camden Assembly has marked itself as a top spot for more intimate shows of this kind. It's dark, gritty, loud and an incredible energy.