Brooklyn based Jordanian born singer/songwriter King Deco fuses indie pop and elements of her Middle Eastern background to create music that's truly global in scope.


After releasing her steel drum driven single ‘Castaway’ and a smouldering cover of Rihanna's ‘Needed Me’, King Deco returns with the Kinetics & One Love produce ‘Read My Lips’, an empowering four-on-the-floor beat driven anthem to not settling for anything less than what you're worth. Deco's ethereally smoky vocals anchor the track and make it almost impossible not to sing along with her at the hook-laden chorus.


"I think it’s funny when you tell someone how you feel and instead of hearing what it is you’re actually saying they hear what they want", King Deco says about the song. "I feel like that happens a lot when the power dynamic shifts in favour of the girl. 'Read My Lips' is basically saying and re-saying the same thing a million different ways in hopes the person will finally get the message: 'If you're a little uncertain, I'ma give you that 151 proof.'"