The Saturday night slot at fashion week is always one of our favourites. The second day vibe is more chilled, everyone is getting into the swing of the season and the rest of London are relaxing outside in the sun. And what better way to join the party than by heading to a gathering hosted by Tinie Tempah, complete with a banging playlist, some of his closest friends – oh, and some new season styles?

The wheels of the LFWM Mercedes-Benz sports car fleet screeched as the best of the men's fashion scene arrived at the Old Truman Brewery to see the What We Wear SS18 presentation.  Having made his debut last season to much acclaim with a sleek and sporty collection that matched his own impeccable style, Tinie Tempah is back for more with Bring Your Game.

Locker room benches and courtside seats flanked a basketball court in the middle of the room where groups of guys dressed in sports luxe athleisure threw a ball about, scoring three-pointers, while spectators looked on, chatting between themselves over a beer. At the sound of a whistle, the models swapped in with another group, joining the watching crowds.

Seeing the clothes up close allowed us to appreciate their design even more; what first appear as a range of sports-inspired separates reveal themselves to be beautifully created fashion pieces. T-shirts and shorts are made in technical fleece fabrics; button-up jackets hug the form in buttery soft mohair and tracksuits get a glamorous shine. Each outfit was finished with What We Wear  branded socks, along with gold rimmed glasses from Cutler and Gross and a remake of the iconic Converse One Stars, that added that extra special something to the whole collection.

The line between models and guests blurred further as the evening went on, demonstrating the collection's greatest asset: wearability. Coveting teal shorts with a luxe shine finish because you can see how great they look on someone playing ball and laughing with friends is a far cry from staring at them on immobile models looking intensely into the audience – with just one simple shift, that often difficult-to-negotiate glass ceiling between real life and high fashion has been broken down.

By the time we left, there was no clear distinction between who was wearing the clothes and who was there to see them being worn – models were dispersed throughout the room chatting to friends, Insta-famous onlookers were shooting hoops and Tinie Tempah was wandering through the crowds, saying hi to friends, family and fans alike. As Aston Gohil amped up his playlist, it was clear that this party wasn't going to be over any time soon. Not only has Tinie Tempah nailed the art of the follow-up collection, presenting a series of designs that are as versatile as they are aesthetically pleasing, but he also got that Saturday night vibe of fashion week just right.

Words: Katharine Bennett | Fashion Week Press | @misskatebennett

Images: Tasmin Dacres | Fashion Week Photographer | @tasm0n_d