Walking into a derelict studio at BFC showspace, 180 The Strand, I was instantly confronted with the blank faced models at Tourne de Transmission's LFWM presentation. Stood stock-still against a backdrop of expressionist prints, the scene reminded me more of an art exhibition than a fashion show.


As I stood there reading the messages and slogans amidst the clothing, I was forced to ponder the concept behind the latest collection, "Nowhere." This doesn't come as much of a surprise, as the brand has a penchant for mixing words with visuals to generate a message.


The figures cut an androgynous silhouette, with loose-fitting garments layered in a relaxed and casual way. Sleeves fell past the wrist, baggy trousers crumpled above the ankle and hems sat asymmetrically in raw-edge finishes.


There was a hint of punk/rock influence coming through from the red tartan, black boots, buzz cut hair, and predominantly dark colour palette. This was mixed with streetwear to form a subtly different aesthetic from the coming together of two sub-cultures.



Hoodies, shirts and jumpers were layered under coats and weatherproof jackets. One key piece mimicked the same expressionist brush strokes found in the hanging prints around the room.

Textures were used to create contrasts between pieces. Checks, stripes and weatherproof materials sat against jersey, marled knit and frayed edges.


Altogether the collection cohesively brought together a mix of influences in art, music and culture. For a brand that's only four years old, Tourne de Transmission are delivering their message, loud and clear.

Words: Sunna Naseer | Fashion Week Press | @sunna_naseer
Images: Amie Charlot | Fashion Week Photographer | @amiecharlot