Songzio AW17 09

Punky grunge meets modern art, is the best way to describe Songzio's spectacular showcase on day 4 of the newly titled LFWM. Founded in the early 90s by the Korean born designer, his eponymous label really combines modern, often abstract art, with experimental fashion. Songzio plays around with textures and dynamics to create collections that are hugely unique and avant-garde. Having shown his collections previously at Paris Fashion Week, Songzio has returned to London for a second season. The UK embraces innovation and contemporary art culture, so there is no doubt that London and Songzio are a match made in men's fashion heaven.

Songzio AW17 03

The creative designer took it back to those early days by merging iconic 90s styles with a thoroughly modern art movement. Polo necks and high-waisted trousers as well as loose fitting outerwear gave that 1990s aesthetic, reflecting an era of youthful rebellion and grunge music. In many cases he wants to challenge conventional fashion by bringing styles back but truly stamping his artistic flair onto them. In this collection, his paint effect, almost Jackson Pollock-esque prints on coats, jackets and shirts really gave that alternative look to styles that have been seen countless times.

Songzio AW17 10

Songzio AW17 02

Songzio also played around with different styles, fabrics and materials throughout the collection to offer soft vs hard, shape vs structure and monochrome vs pops of colour. His contrasts only elevate his artistic ideas and truly challenge everything we know about menswear. Through the use of over-sized silhouettes and layering, Songzio has created depth for his art to filter through. Likewise faux fur, leather and velvet really give menswear a new perspective.

Songzio AW17 08

Songzio AW17 06

Songzio adds bursts of bright colour dripped throughout with bright oranges disrupting the monochromatic colour scheme, really highlighting that experimental edge the designer is going for. The entire collection is a fashion-forward, inventive exhibition of how style and in particular, classic styles, can always be reinvented. Art knows no bounds and neither does fashion. Together Songzio has created the perfect revolution of style. So for the new season, don't be afraid to embrace your creative genius, the world and your clothes are your canvas.

Words: Sophie Joaman| Fashion Week Press|

Images: Eloise Peachey| Fashion Week Photographer| @eloisepeachey