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Phoebe English returned to designing menswear with a neutral and functional collection for this seasons London Fashion Week Men’s. As one of the British Fashion Council NEWGEN recipients, the presentation was  held in the BFC Showspace. With an elaborate set design and experimental mixtures of fabrics, Phoebe picked up where she left off last season. This year, refined work-wear was the center of the capsule.

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The set was used to emphasis the durability and functionality of the pieces. The models were adorned in over-sized clothing whilst ironing and folding sheets, mopping the floor or hanging out items to dry and other repetitive, domestic tasks. However, inspiration for the collection was not taken from an interest in mundane household work but rather the creative men Phoebe lives and collaborates with; creating clothing for those who look for outfits that will not hinder their workday rather than standout designs. 

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Phoebe English presented separates in the form of loose overcoats, hooded jackets and wide fit trousers. The collection was heavy in thick denims, waxed cottons and other natural fabrics. The use of materials made for garments that looked lightweight, practical and wearable. A surprise came in the utilisation of corduroys, cementing the purpose of the clothing to be that of durability rather than design. All of the natural fibres used were made in the UK and were used with a limited range of colours including dark greens, coals and blues. Striped white undershirts brought brightness and patterns to the collections. Accessories in the form over-sized fold-over backpacks, which could be worn in multiple ways, were also featured.

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Words: Andre Bogues | Fashion Week Press | @andredevb

Images: Eloise Peachey | Fashion Week Photographer | @eloisepeachy