Nigel Cabourn's Lybro collection pays tribute to the men and women who served their country during World War 2. As with previous seasons, Cabourn has created a fantastic collection that really becomes a snapshot of the past, while still retaining that current, modern feel. With military influences flowing throughout, Cabourn's clothes tell the story of a significant time in British history. Through his designs, the passion and the spirit of the people from this period are intertwined within each stitch, button and hem, showing that even though there may be darkness in the world, the light and the soul of those people is not lost and fashion is an incredible way to share those stories with new generations.


nigelcabourn_lfwmaw17_006Oversized coats and jackets really gave that purposeful functionality and durability to the clothes intended for a bitter winter's day. While having men's and women's clothing presented together offered a unisex appeal- working together to unite fashion once and for all.  Through resilient fabrics such as sheepskin leather and wool, Cabourn intends his clothes to be key components of any wardrobe for many season's to come. They are investment pieces that challenge the 'here now- gone later' trends. Clothes that, will and certainly do, stand the test of time and pieces so skillfully made that they continually evolve in their own right.



The colour scheme was also inspired by military wear- deep blues and khaki greens with camouflage print are used to really hone in on the aspects that make military clothing so recognisable. The neutral and monochromatic tones likewise help to give the collection that authentic quality.



For Cabourn, his art lies in the way that he captures a time gone by so precisely while still catering to the demands of today's ever changing styles. His AW17 collection is purposeful and meant to keep his men and women from being exposed to the harsh winters. Overall its a collection that embodies the past, pays tribute to it and keeps those memories alive. While for the bitter winter days its the perfect armour for the tough man and woman in everything they do.

Words: Sophie Joaman| Fashion Week Press|

Images: Amie Charlot| Fashion Week Photography| @amiecharlot