John Lawrence Sullivan SS18 show took place at 180 The Strand  for LFWM and is a striking collection that takes us back in time , exploring a dynamic post- punk and masculine aesthetic. His designs revolve around sharp colouring and textured jackets familiar to a punk subculture vibe, he alternates it with a formal wear high fashion twist.

The show opened up with heavy techno beats as the models stomped down the runway with their hands in their pockets, showcasing JLS striking power-suits. In their stride and androgynous ways they rocked slicked back or mullet hairstyles to conform to the rebellious nature of the designs.


From wide shouldered jackets to baggy trousers, studded belts and platform boots, there is no doubt in noticing an 80s new-wave Bowie influence. Oversized jackets and tailored wide-legged trousers were also a key feature in the collection.



In an age of political uncertainty and youth breaking boundaries, this collection was a perfect example of not only how high fashion can take on a political approach but the way in which styles are continuously recycled throughout time. Through inspiration, texture and colour  JLS creative vision for spring/summer menswear 2018 proved to be endearing and challenging whilst relevant to its time.

To see more from John Lawrence Sullivan, visit his official website.


Words: Alicia McGuire: Fashion Week Press |
Images: Alicia McGuire | Fashion Week Photographer | @alykmx