Down a candlelit staircase, into The Vaults, guests were welcomed to Harry's of London's exclusive gentleman's club. The atmosphere was electric as champagne corks popped and people saw in the first Friday evening of 2017. The newly titled London Fashion Week Men's has the ever dapper gent at the very heart of each show and Harry's of London was no exception. With their luxury accessories at the very core of their brand's history, Harry's showed LFWM how they maketh the already stylish man.


In one of the rooms, the New York Skyline surrounded the walls while a snooker table, with half-full whisky glasses demonstrated that Harry's of London is all about the edgy yet effortless, sleek sophistication of the busy modern man. Earthy to monochromatic coloured lace up boots gave that smart casual appearance while loafers added that suit up-boot up aesthetic. Each piece offering functionality but always reflecting the brand's mission to create fashion that stands-out from the crowd. Harry's stamped their identity onto their collection through their signature H-Cube symbol, featuring on matching shoes and belts. The symbol is simple and minimalistic but tells the world that Harry's of London is taking on urban style to fit for AW17.



Within the second room, the brand's luxurious bags and luggage among unmade beds and gym equipment really gave the impression that Harry's guy lives an on the-go lifestyle- he wants to travel in style and he wants that glamorous, jet-setter appeal to radiate all the way from his luggage to his sneakers. With bright red and blue travel bags, suitcases and matching sports shoes its not difficult to really get that artsy feel to the collection.



The merging of smart and casual wear is something that Harry's of London manages so successfully. No longer does any man need to fit into only one of the categories and no longer do those two opposing words need to mean such different things. With their sports shoes, Harry's establishes that contemporary vibe but pushes it forward into the futuristic territory. With a name like 'The Galaxy Sneaker' Harry's of London is investing in the future with a sci-fi undertone. Likewise with the innovation literally sewn into the soles of their shoes, Harry's is bound to make lasting impressions in the seasons to come.



For AW17, the future of menswear is looking sleeker than ever before. Harry's of London looks to  that up and coming future to challenge everything we know about smart and casual dressing- offering an ease to the shoes we wear and the accessories we carry. Autumn/Winter is suddenly looking very cool.


Words: Sophie Joaman|Fashion Week Press|

Images: Eloise Peachey| Fashion Week Photography| @eloisepeachey