At first glances a record shop near Oxford Street didn't seem like the place that a long established brand would be showcasing their newest season collection but this was definitely the right place and one with the perfect Friday night party atmosphere. In the basement, Ben Sherman, the iconic British fashion house, banished those January blues with a truly Mod spirit and a nod to the 1960s soul of the brand. *Insert peace sign emoji here*Ben Sherman #10

Established in the swinging sixties, Ben Sherman understands better than most, the revolutionary decade of love, life and fashion. So the collection, inspired by a defining era's styles, really took on that 'original' vibe. In fact Ben Sherman wants today's men to become the modern mod and to embody it heart, soul and suit. The collection keeps the youthful aesthetic, and the meaning of Mod fashion alive! It just shows that the man of today is embracing the world in all of its rebelliousness with a Rock 'N Roll perspective and a Ben Sherman original gingham shirt. After all the look is more than just that- it comes with a lifestyle and an attitude too.

Ben Sherman #4

Ben Sherman #1

The collection was complete with modern twists on classic parker coat styles which were oversized, versatile, sporty and functional as well as satin bomber jackets taking on that modern/vintage vibe. Yet, the collection was constantly pushing the AW17 trend forecast forward, making the subculture style of the 60s appropriate for today's man. Army greens, greys and navy gave that authentic military edge. While the use of gingham really brought that 'best of British' fashion flair to the forefront. With Ben Sherman 1963 and union jack printed onto some of the pieces, the brand engraved their trademark onto their collection and in doing so shouted out to LFWM that each piece they sent down the catwalk was a true mark of quality.

Ben Sherman #7

Ben Sherman #6

Ben Sherman has created an A/W collection that pays homage to not only the brand's roots but to a decade we all still can't get enough of. The collection being presented just a stone throw away from the heart of the 60s, Carnaby Street, relived the power and influence of a much-loved era but took it that step further and really engaged with the modern man, who maybe feels that rules are outdated and that a new style revolution is much needed.

Ben Sherman #8

Words: Sophie Joaman| Fashion Week Press|

Images: Zac Mahrouche| Fashion Week Photography| @zacmahrouche