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At Belstaff's LFWM presentation, it was all aboard the Jolly Roger for a a great new voyage at sea. The British brand, which has become a firm favourite of celebrities and style aficionados everywhere, has truly embraced the spirit of adventure since it was founded in 1924. Set up like the exterior of a ship, the room, full of enthusiastic fashion experts, was ready to embark upon a new season experience. Models hung around the 'bough of the ship' radiating the cool and edgy vibes that Belstaff has become so synonymous for. The maritime inspired collection paid homage to the men and women who served in the navy far away from British shores during World War 2. The combined mens' and womenswear, as is being seen more and more at fashion week created an energy of excitement. If Belstaff is anything to go by we can predict a lot of interesting things on the horizon.

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For nearly a century, Belstaff have been pioneers in modern fashion, particularly through their outerwear and as the first company to use wax cotton for their waterproof jackets. In their newest collection preview, the classic wax cotton jacket still played a crucial role, showing that Belstaff have always had, and continue to have a great love story with the daring, bold, intrepid side of fashion. Parker coats and leather jackets rounded off stylish proceedings by encompassing that venturesome soul. With a worn-out look given to some of their jackets Belstaff induce that modern/ vintage feel that shows how their clothes are intended to be really worn in and really show the stories and the adventures that Belstaff's men and women have had.

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Another insignia of the collection were the 'naval tattoo' images that were printed and embroidered onto jackets to really give each piece that extra dimension and that something even more unique. It really showed Belstaff's eye for the finer details and highlighted that daring attitude that the brand so eloquently achieves.

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Expected to reach land for AW17, the Jolly Roger collection, by Belstaff has enriched the winter with statement pieces that are functional, yet stylish and ready to take you through the colder months. You don't necessarily have to climb mountains or even actually set sail on the seven seas to embody Belstaff's values- If you embrace the spirit of the adventurer then Belstaff welcomes you aboard. Bon Voyage explorers.

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Words: Sophie Joaman| Fashion Week Press|

Images: Eloise Peachey| Fashion Week Photographer|@eloisepeachey