Theo VII Studios was co-founded by three designers; Miao Ho, Yui Ding and Tan Xue Yi in 2015 and works at breaking barriers between gender. The concept is to create a harmony between menswear and womenswear elements. This aesthetic of the label’s combination of womenswear and menswear was set because the co-founders are from womenswear and menswear respectively, so it only makes sense!

Their AW17 collections takes inspiration from Shamanism, an exercise that involved a practitioner reaching altered states of consciousness in order to interact with the spirit world, and then channeling these transcendental energies into the world.

A Shaman has access to, and influences in the world of both good and evil spirits, practicing divination and healing in order to help people around them.

Theo VII Studios was inspired by every aspect of the Shamans supernatural world, their dress, accessories, headwear, their rituals and rich cultural histories, which are all one of a kind. Each Shamans robe tells it’s own story, as they mark them to celebrate the knowledge they gain from each ritual they perform and every place they travel. Theo VII Studios explores all of this through their AW17 collection.

They use a combination of bright yellows, rich purples and blues set against pale pinks and creams to make up this unique collection. Every detail from the tassel trims to embellished socks show that all aspect have been carefully thought out and designed to perfection.


Words: Andrea McCaul | Fashion Week Press | @andreaelizam
Images: Tegan Rush | Fashion Week Photographer |