Many of us dream of the perfect body. At Fashion Week, our traditionally accepted form of beauty is apparent, with beautifully perfect models and celebrities floating around like ethereal creatures.

This season however, Teatum Jones had a very different idea. They took the "perfect" body and they destroyed it, deconstructing and remoulding it in unconventional ways. Despite this, the result was something just as beautiful.

The concept materialised after the design duo delved into the work of artist, Hans Bellmer. Creating a series of mutated doll forms, Bellmer rejected the cult of the ideal body that was prominent in Germany at the time.

Teatum Jones adopted this approach for AW17 by creating awkward, asymmetrical silhouettes and playing with volume, tension and restriction. The wearer can choose to tighten, loosen, tie or lengthen the garment to work on their individual body shape.

Along with this, a powerful statement was made through the diverse use of models, some with amputated arms or legs. This strengthened the statement that beauty comes in all forms - imperfection can be just as beautiful as perfection.

Signature pieces such as oversized coats and column formal dresses were torn away, revealing cutaways or reconstructed using sheer inserts. Large eyelets were used to re-fasten split seams and this tied-up look continued in the strapped waists and long tapes. Bell sleeves hid the hands, oversized collars exaggerated the neckline and hemlines sat anything but straight.

The theme continued in the imperfect prints that were hand painted onto silk satins and British heritage wools by artist, Tom Leamon. This collaboration uses tonal coloured paints and energetic markings to explore the concept of wearable art.

These pieces were teamed with an array of textiles such as grid mesh, organza and fine mohair encased inside a protective PVC coating.

These stunning designs were clearly made with a sense of purpose. They had a whole lot to say, woven into their very fabrics. From the construction, the deconstruction and the silhouette, to the models that walked proud, Teatum Jones' AW17 collection was dressed to impress.

Words: Sunna Naseer | Fashion Week Press | @sunna_naseer
Images: Amie Charlot | Fashion Week Photographer | @amiecharlot