Teatum Jones #

Design duo Catherine Teatum and Rob Jones are often referred to as “method designers.” This dedication to their concept results in the creation of a fully coherent collection with a real sense of story. For AW16, Teatum Jones looked to Catherine's native Ireland for inspiration, following the heartwarming story of an English nun during the famine and poverty of the 1890s who established a mill where they created intricate shawls to keep themselves warm and to sell.

Teatum Jones #1

Teatum Jones #3

The catwalk show was held at Mary Ward House on a stunning runway made from sunset coloured sands. At either end, a black geometric pattern, taken from designs within the collection. As models walked, their footprints left impressions, adding another interesting dimension to the show.

Teatum Jones #5

 The silhouette played with fit and flare. Sleek outfits were paired with oversized coats, and dresses hugged the body before flaring out at the hem. Plunging necklines were covered up modestly with turtleneck undergarments, but the long sleeves revealed elbows and shoulders through cutaway sections.

Teatum Jones #7

Teatum Jones #6

The colour story started bold and primary before gradually transforming into a monochrome palette. There was a strong recurring geometric pattern throughout, juxtaposed next to check prints and stripes with textured mohair panels. A full length black knit dress in extra large mohair and sheer stripes was brought to life with mustard yellow heeled boots as a finishing touch.

Teatum Jones #4

Models wore their hair tied back with a relaxed feel in low pony tails with wisps of hair escaping at the sides. Faces were dewy with just a hint of mascara, natural lips and a dab of blusher. This laid-back styling perfectly complemented the strong attitude portrayed through the clothing.

Teatum Jones #9

Words: Sunna Naseer | Fashion Week Press | @sunna_naseer
Images: Zac Mahrouche|Fashion Week Photographer| @zacmahrouche