Canadian born Steven Tai is feeling slightly beyond his years so it seems, or rather his new AW16 collection would suggest so.















My first presentation of the day and it didn't disappoint. Greeted by Lulu's 1960's hit song 'Shout' I enter the presentation space which is very much like walking into your Grandma's living room, a room that looks like it hasn't been decorated in fifty years. Mismatch rugs covering the floor and a floral wallpaper which looks like something you'd find after removing three layers of wallpaper from a house you've just purchased. Knitting equipment was placed all around the room and the models were positioned on wooden rocking chairs sewing into embroidery rings.






























The collection itself brought the stereotype of the old lady back into modern day. Tai does this by his nostalgic and reminiscent colour palette of pastels along with a hint olive, navy and beige. Fabrics consisted of corduroy, silk and floral prints. Patchwork is used throughout this collection which shows a mix of fabrics and textures. A personal favourite of mine was the silk quilted jacket with a peony sewn into the pocket.































The 'granny-chic' collection was showcased at the Elms Lesters Painting Rooms located on the back of Soho away from the madness of Brewer Street. Tai, known previously for his witty take on the awkward girl has yet again brilliantly executed his imaginative 'Freaky Friday' concept with both his collection and the presentation itself.

Words: Harmony Youngs | Fashion Week Press | @harmonyyoungs

Images : Milly Grange-Bennett | Fashion Week Photographer