LFW: Sophia Webster AW17

I’m sure that the usual clientele of Phonica Records in Soho were more than a little perplexed as a constant stream of fashion week glitterati arrived in the shop and eagerly headed through a doorway at the back, never to be seen again. But this wasn’t a tale of a lion, a witch and a wardrobe; this was Sophia Webster’s AW17 presentation.

Down a set of stairs and around a couple of corners, we sipped on snow cones as we arrived in the designer’s very own Narnia. Snowdrifts spilled over the floor, glassy ice sculptures cooled the room and sharp seats were covered in white fur throws, all setting the scene for this season’s muse – the Ice Queen.

A delightful mash-up of the best wintery characters in pop-culture, Webster’s AW17 woman is as fearless Jadis, as independent as Elsa and as frosty as The Snow Queen, all whilst also having a penchant for decadent accessories and sparkling finishing touches.

In a slight departure from the designer’s signature style, designs are muted, yet still show-stopping – strappy heels drip with diamonds, pastel pop bags are pared back with silvery metallics and clutches come wrapped in fur. Nodding to previous collections, playful slogans return to bags and even thigh-high boots, emblazoned in bright rainbow shades that remind us of Webster’s love of colour.

Each facet of the Ice Queen’s personality is represented in the styles around the snowy landscape. Chunky black platform boots show off her tenacious attitude, spiky metallic florals speak of her pretty but fierce nature and pink faux fur reveals her strong sense of femininity.

Paired with opulent velvet coats and cascading tulle dresses, Sophia Webster’s I Scream for Ice Queens collection is at once the embodiment of both our inner princess and resting bitch face, encapsulating all that we would like to seem to the outside world. Away from the dream-like setting of the Vinyl Factory basement, worn instead with a great pair of jeans and a long winter coat, the pieces are the ideal way to bring that part of ourselves out from the back of the wardrobe, strutting it instead down London streets for all to see and admire.

Words: Katharine Bennett | Fashion Week Press | @misskatebennett

Images: Amie Charlot | Fashion Week Photographer | @amiecharlot