Ride em, cowboy.

Hong Kong born and London bred, Ryan Lo showcased his latest collection in the Topshop showspace for a wonderland of pastel shades and glitter where cowgirl princesses dare to dream. Sound bizarre? It makes total sense, trust us.

Lilac pom poms paired with lurex dresses and cascading rose pink ruffles set against orange  tulle and western fringed yellow knits made a feast for both  the eyes and the imagination. This presentation  marked a world where a noble steed looked more like my little pony, if the knitted scenes are anything to go by, and these wild west girls’ weapon of choice are plastic guns, dipped in gold.

There’s no way the Ryan Lo cowgirl is roughing it in the sands – the only way to get to this rodeo is via a disco or two. The collection was beyond dreamy, with love emblazoned sashes and metallics that caused us to lose ourselves amongst the madness. As crazy as it first may seem, it works – there are real practical elements amongst the fantastical that easily translate into essential day and evening wear. If you take anything away from these designs, let it be the bejewelled trainers – we’re already thinking of ways to recreate.

IMG_3935  IMG_4409 IMG_4412 IMG_4417   IMG_4428 IMG_4441IMG_4420    IMG_4424

Words: Camilla Hunt | Fashion Week Editor | @littlemyth
Photography: Corrine Noel | Fashion Week Photographer |