As the bright lights shone down onto the catwalk at the Freemason's Hall a spectacularly powerful voice boomed across the room and filled the entire space with an emotive operatic performance. The Rohmir AW16 LFW show was a class act in the very heart of London's West End. Being in theatre-land and within walking distance of the royal opera house, meant that a show like this certainly wasn't out of place. Along with a live performance, Rohmir brought the opulent glamour and sophistication from a night in Austria, to their new season collection. The show entitled 'Vienna Imperial' boasted ideas of grandeur from the outset and it was safe to say, that the show did not disappoint. It was as grand and as exquisite as promised.

Rohmir #4 Rohmir #3

Rohmir's leading lady, Olga Roh, surely deserves the new title of fashion's fairy god-mother after the new stand-out collection dressed to impress. Roh acknowledges that glitz and glamour are just as relevant in fashion today as they have ever been. Her inclusion of oh-so luxurious fabrics, feathers, capes, fur trimmings and jewelled accessories gave the collection a royal seal of approval (and a huge standing ovation from the audience). While Princess style dresses in lush velvets worked well with the majestic emerald and ruby tones to add a regal flair.

Rohmir #8

Rohmir #6 Rohmir #9

Rohmir, prides itself on creating avant-garde pieces that show the beauty of fashion in all its splendour; that, it achieved, in abundance.

Rohmir #1 Rohmir #5

This Autumn /Winter collection exuded glamour, and perfected the princess/silver screen siren style down to a T. So whether you are planning a night at the opera, or just looking for that extra special piece to wear during the festivities of Autumn/Winter '16, a Rohmir creation may just become the quintessential party piece that every girl needs to transform her into the belle of the ball.

Rohmir #10 Rohmir #7

Words: Sophie Joaman| Fashion Week Press|

Images: Zac Mahrouche| Fashion Week Photography| @zacmahrouche