Phoebe English, a luxury womenswear label, takes inspiration often from abstract origins. This season she decided to focus on the post-brexit reaction. This process inspired Phoebe English to create a seven piece collection, each design individually acting as a metaphor for what she felt surrounded the post-brexit feeling.

pheobeenglish_ss17_0028 pheobeenglish_ss17_0027 pheobeenglish_ss17_0025 pheobeenglish_ss17_0024  pheobeenglish_ss17_0022

Standing in a line, each model represented a different feeling or event Phoebe English felt emcompassed post brexit, all in an expressive and originally thought out way. An archer standing next to bunches of apples signified shock; a water bearer pouring water from a jug represented crying; a swashbuckling smugger symbolised lying; the enquirer with a stamp standing next to rolls of paper was the truth hunter; a strangler knotting ropes signified anxiety; and lastly a veiled mourner holding flowers expressed a feeling of loss. Each design was so well thought out from the clothing to the props each were accompanied with.

Black and white hues make up the majority of the colour palette, with gold and blue stripes thrown in. Slogans, being a style you won’t be able to stay away from this season, were slipped in. Only seen when you got close up, they included the word ‘travesty’ and 'all proportions are distorted by a small percent’. Asymmetric cuts and layering was something each piece had in common, with all these little touches turning stand alone metaphorical design come together into a stand out collection.

pheobeenglish_ss17_0018 pheobeenglish_ss17_0016 pheobeenglish_ss17_0010pheobeenglish_ss17_005   pheobeenglish_ss17_0020 pheobeenglish_ss17_0011

All of Phoebe English’s designs are made exclusively in England, with uncompromising detail from start to finish. This ready to wear collection being no exception.

Words: Andrea McCaul | Fashion Week Press|@andreaelizam

Images: Amie Charlot| Fashion Week Photography|@amiecharlot