Phoebe English presented a refreshing take on her utilitarian workwear aesthetic. Held in Fitzrovia Chapel, the collection mixed work with elements of nature and regality. Models stood in place amongst set pieces that complimented the intricate details of their outfits. Some models were adorned in a combination of earth and jewel tones, whilst others were fitted in monochromatic looks.

The collection was entitled Tyranny and was a reflection of the designers fear of our current uncertain geopolitical climate. Each look was entirely different, providing a commentary of different aspects of the world’s reaction to recent events. Models wore minimal makeup but had phrases written across their faces and hands, in the same colour as the central colour to the outfit they wore. The collection was split into different sections with models representing Hope, Unity, Tyranny, Fear, Apathy, Voice, Courage and Repair. A comic touch was seen in a blue ensemble, with a model's hair decorated with biro pens and deep blue ink stains around her mouth. This was contrasted with other pieces; another model, whose forehead had Courage written in gold, was dressed in a lavish golden jacquard print cape and gold leaf crown.

The collection utilised a loose fitting silhouette and a mixture of elemental colours such as a fiery red suit and an ivy green drop-shoulder dress.The set pieces matched the looks, with the green outfit being surrounded by foliage and the models hair fixed with leaves. Three models were connected by hair tie and wore matching white dresses with metallic material interrupting the fabric.

Words: Andre Bogues | Fashion Week Press | @andredevb
Images: Rosemary Pitts |Fashion Week Photographer|@rosemarypitts_