After pushing through the abundance of photographers and onlookers, a wave of pinks, reds, a foil screen and all things sparkly hit quite suddenly. Paula Knorr’s AW 19/20 collection was definitely inspired by some statement partywear, as it proved to be quite a dazzling presentation, but not all of it was in a good way...

It was like going to the most fashionable New Year’s Eve party of all time. Most outfits were covered with glitter, sequins or shimmers, from bell sleeved dresses to short sleeved turtlenecks to a-line skirts, if it didn’t sparkle, it probably didn’t exist. Reds and pinks were a clear hit, as they continue to prove that they’ll become the it-colours of 2020, judging by runways everywhere.

But, just like most lavish New Year’s parties, it was all too over the top, and the show itself was just a tad disappointing. With a DJ playing some (I must admit, great) tunes throughout the show, the models walked up and down this foil sheet, that shimmered a lot itself. It was difficult to get the full effect of the dazzling outfits because everything around them sparkled too, and it all became quite distracting. Put a drink in my hand and immerse me with the models and perhaps I would have had a better time. But, after desperately pushing to the front and sitting in-between a strangers legs trying to get photos of models that constantly moved and messily walked in front of each other, it got quite frustrating. Perhaps that’s just me being too critical, but with such fun and party-like designs, I wanted more of that feel from it.

That being said, it’s not just about the presentation itself, and despite the distracting backdrop and the over-crowdedness and lack of drinks (okay, maybe I’ll let the drinks bit go), the clothes themselves were stunning. It felt like you could turn up to an event wearing anything, but you’d still grow envious of that sparkly, tasselled two-piece that the model danced around carefree in. The pieces were so feminine and joyful. If I could pick a song that embodied this collection, it would probably be ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’. It felt like the cool group of girls at school that everyone wanted to be friends with.

I cannot be too critical, when the talent of Paula Knorr is so very clear, as she produces pieces that most girls would feel beautiful in. There’s a party outfit for every woman here, and since that’s her memorable style for this season, I must commend it.


Words and Images: Magda Kaczmarska | Fashion Week Press | @_magda__