If there’s one thing we’ve learnt over the years, it’s that Pam Hogg gives a sensational new meaning to the phrase “fashionably late”. And, if there’s another thing to be learnt, it’s that we never actually care how long we have to wait

It’s a rarity these days that a show, or even a designer, is able to rouse such raw, excited emotions from a crowd. And that is what the attendees of a Pam Hogg spectacular are – a loud crowd – a mob of sorts - all whistling, whooping and dancing in adoration of their Queen P. Sitting pretty in appreciative silence isn’t what Hogg is about and, as usual, this show turned the sit-watch-and-go attitude on its head with an electric atmosphere bursting with anticipation.  Looking around at the eclectic crowd clapping along and shouting out to the Steve Strange musical tribute, my guest surmises:  “So what you’re saying is, this is fashion week’s very own Rocky Horror?” With a devastatingly loyal following, outlandish designs and a bloody good soundtrack, it’s pretty spot on.

pam_hogg_autumn_winter_little_red_riding_hood_london_fashion_week_red_crown_model_london_fashion_work_aw15_autumn_winter_2015_rosemary_pitts_photography_whos_jack pam_hogg_london_fashion_week_red_crown_model_london_fashion_work_aw15_autumn_winter_2015_rosemary_pitts_photography_whos_jack

Opening proceedings with hysterical howls and references to Little Red Riding hood whispering through the speakers, Pam’s very open little red stepped out in a structured, silk hood and knicker combination that offered a malevolent and kitsch interpretation of the children’s tale. Everything about this is alternative, right down to the models – there is no fixed height and no defining gender as men and women alike take to the runway in an array of eccentricities. PVC crowns, crows, eye patches and mohawks added a dark edge to fairytale pastel metallic capes emblazoned with “Diamond Dogs and Demons” and sheer white bodysuits that added to the twisted fantasy.

pam_hogg_dress_london_fashion_week_red_crown_model_london_fashion_work_aw15_autumn_winter_2015_rosemary_pitts_photography_whos_jack pam_hogg_autumn_winter_london_fashion_week_red_crown_model_london_fashion_work_aw15_autumn_winter_2015_rosemary_pitts_photography_whos_jack pam_hogg_aw15_london_fashion_week_red_crown_model_london_fashion_work_aw15_autumn_winter_2015_rosemary_pitts_photography_whos_jack pam_hogg_london_fashion_week_metallic_crown_model_london_fashion_work_aw15_autumn_winter_2015_rosemary_pitts_photography_whos_jack
70’s tan suede, studded and laced, gave a nod to the rock and roll heritage of the brand, alongside patchwork snake print and flame detail. Oh, and those posies that Little Red should have left well alone? They too made an appearance on none other than Alice Dellal’s headpiece to close.


pam_hogg_london_fashion_week_crown_model_london_fashion_work_aw15_autumn_winter_2015_rosemary_pitts_photography_whos_jack pam_hogg_london_fashion_week_tan_studs_crown_model_london_fashion_work_aw15_autumn_winter_2015_rosemary_pitts_photography_whos_jack

Thoroughly original as always, Pam’s AW15 collection pushed the boundaries of the ready-to-wear category and took our imagination to dark and devilish places in the best possible way.

pam_hogg_london_fashion_finale_crown_model_london_fashion_work_aw15_autumn_winter_2015_rosemary_pitts_photography_whos_jack pam_hogg_model_london_fashion_work_aw15_autumn_winter_2015_rosemary_pitts_photography_whos_jack


Words by Mitchell Kirkham-Cooper | Fashion Week Writer | @catsandjackets
Images by Rosemary Pitts | Fashion Week Photographer | @rosemarypitts__