"THIS IS A DEDICATION TO PUSSY RIOT" emblazons a model's placard; there's definitely no 'pussy' footing around the inspiration behind Pam Hogg's AW14 collection. With punch-packing power colours adorning the majority of models, conveying an integral sense of freedom and, just as importantly, fun - something that, of late, has been somewhat dampened in the gay scene. Hogg's collection truly celebrates LGBT+ culture in all its flamboyant glory; a sense of true, balls-deep pride that drips from every fluorescent garment.

On a more pared back note, in quite the literal sense, a spattering of models sport translucent flesh-hued bodysuits - empowered gold detailing covering the less PG-13 parts, creating a sense of regality and drumming home the fact that "THIS COLLECTION IS NOT FOR SALE", if you catch the allusion...

Away from the starkness of the predominant style rainbow, a selection of Hogg's pieces circulate primarily around a more ethereal theme. A floaty, virginal white Bo-Peep-eseque ensemble comes adorned with a single red rose, alongside a model dressed in head-to-toe white - silk and translucency - this time decorated with an array of crisp white roses. How apt for Valentine's Day...


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Words: Ebony Lauren Nash | Fashion Week Press | @Ebzo

Images: Corrine Noel | Fashion Week Photographer | @corrinenininoel


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