Where to start with this explosive show…

From Sesame Street to 6-inch acrylic nails, this runway was no doubt full of shocks and surprises. Six designer brands took the stage; Colin Horgan, Daniel Pascal Tanner, IA London, Jimmy Paul, Longshaw Ward and Reshake, and they definitely left an impression.

Each collection was notably different; they didn’t need the minute-long gap in between each designer to tell us that, though it gave us a good breather to take in some of the eccentric and bizarre pieces that hit the runway. It was an entertaining way to close London Fashion Week, and there was some serious talent that we’re keen to see more of.

Reshake opened the show, and we saw outfits inspired by Chinese religion and culture mixed with street style take on the runway. Oversized puffer jackets, bright, patent trousers and logo tees and jumpers were just some of his flamboyant designs.

Then came Jimmy Paul, whose collection was directly influenced by Sesame Street. From jackets made out of Elmo stuffed toys to a full-on Big Bird outfit that packed a punch, it was a very enjoyable runway. Despite most of it looking like something you’d make for a Halloween party, you couldn’t help but crack a smile.

Longshaw Ward followed, enforcing the pink and green colour trend of 2019 with his skirts and dresses that took on a grunge twist. We’re sure his embellished Doc Martins are on a few wish lists now too.

Then Daniel Pascal Tanner set a new tone, which took us back in time to the 19th Century as we witnessed some stereotypical milkmaid outfits, vintage florals, and oversized baker boy hats. The clothing was largely inspired by the Fauntleroy suit, as Tanner investigated the suit’s influences on different social classes of that century.

IA London presented us with clothes that we would (supposedly) wear to our own funeral, emphasising on how we beautify ourselves with oversized lips, extra-long acrylic nails, and heels 90% of the population wouldn’t be able to walk in. Interesting points were made, but we’re a bit uncertain on the funeral concept. Pardon the pun, but I don't think we'd even be caught dead wearing these.

Colin Horgan was the last to hit the runway, and he showed us that red is definitely going to be big in 2020, but we’re not too sold on the extensive latex just yet. His inspiration was taken from the everyday woman in restless transport; another concept slightly lost on us but nevertheless the designs were dynamic, experimental and had a serious tone of voice to them, which gave the looks a cohesive, dark edge. Probably more NSFW attires, however we cannot help but love the thigh high lace boots and extreme flared and patent legs.

The On|Off show was a fun experience with a mixture of lewd, quirky, historic and trendy designs, all with a small side of the Cookie Monster. Just like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get, and it's definitely not a show you'd want to miss!

Words: Magda Kaczmarska | Fashion Week Press | @_magda__