Markus Lupfer returns for Autumn Winter 2017, with his eccentric prints and statement motifs. A continuation of his Spring Summer ode to the the duality of the modern women, Lupfer draws from the interplay between toughness and femininity. Similarly to his Spring collection, floral prints were heavy throughout the collection, with the main pattern being the dandelion.

Masculine, structured outerwear was juxtaposed against delicate floral and animal prints. Inspiration from menswear was also seen in well tailored jackets and an oversized cream shearling overcoat, with large lapels and two, low buttons which was feminised with white flower appliques. Outfits were given fully sartorial twists with jackets being paired with check pattern trousers, layered over metallic leggings in deep purples and greens. Gilets were also seen in shearling, tied with long to-the-knee belts.

Low shine metallics were seen in silver pleated skirts and leggings, and earthy undertones were seen throughout. Metallics and florals were matched with bold, regal blues and deep burgundy’s, adding an element of timelessness to the collection. Winter overcoats were knee length and had intricately embroidered petals on the lapels. The mixture between tailoring and sportswear adds a flare of toughness and punk spirit that was seen in his Spring Summer collection. Puffer jackets were seen with ruched sleeves and accessories were seen with drawstring bags and perspex sunglasses.

Words: Andre Bogues | Fashion Week Press | @andredevb
Images: Zac Mahrouche | Fashion Week Photographer | @zacmahrouche