Malan Breton showcased his collection, titled Psyche, at Fashion Scout in Freemason Hall this season. Originating from Taipei, Taiwan Malan Breton founded his brand in 2005. His collections are shown each season at New York Fashion Week, while also being presented in New York, Taiwan, China, France and London to retailers.

Breton has been designing since the tender age of 11, he “is self taught and never went to design school”, now that is what you call talent!

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Both women and men stepped out on the runway to show London exactly what the Malan Breton brand had to offer across the board. Complementing each other effortlessly, the men and women walked out in pant suits, bold blazers and capes. Statement floral prints and heavily embellished beading head to toe made this collection one to be in awe of, with an original yet coordinated feel.

Something that struck me about this collection was how the models made as much of an impression walking away as they did walking in. If you’re looking for an outfit that is as striking from the back as it is from the front, this is the collection for you.

wjlondon_malanbrenton wjlondon_malanbrenton_23 wjlondon_malanbrenton_19 wjlondon_malanbrenton_11  wjlondon_malanbrenton_7 wjlondon_malanbrenton_2

Black, blue, red and dark green hues are contrasted with soft pinks, whites and creams. One of my favourite pieces being the floral print ruffled dress with a flowing trail, that followed the model walking down the catwalk so elegantly.

Something that made this show even more special was towards the finale a beautiful singer appeared performing 'Climb Every Moutain', shortly joined with Malan Breton himself.

Words: Andrea McCaul | Fashion Week Press | @andreaelizam

Images: Mel Wills | Fashion Week Press | @mvw_photographer